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tslist output to specified directory?

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Is there a namelist option to have tslist output to a specific directory, similar to how wrfout* data can be specified?
While there currently is no option to direct tslist output to a different directory, it may be useful to know that the output is controlled in the share/wrf_timeseries.F file. You may be able to make some modifications to that file to get the output redirected. If you do make modifications, you'll need to recompile the code. Since you aren't changing any registry files, you don't need to issue a 'clean -a' or reconfigure. You can simply recompile and it should be quicker than the initial compilation.
OK, thanks all. I have a script to run a couple hundred different simulations with output from each going to a different directory, so recompiling each time isn't an option. A namelist setting for a tslist output directory would be a very useful add to a new WRF release!