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Ungrib input files


New member
I plan to try ECMWF files to run the model. The input data I have is in a single grib file that contains each time step of interest. I would like to ask..
Can ungrib read only one input file or should it be one grib file per time step?

if your file is grib2 format, the ungrib can only process individual files that contain single-time data.
If my files are GRIB1 edition, can I use a single file with all time data to run UNGRIB?
I mean, instead of having File_000.grib, File_003.grib, File_006.grib, can I use a File.grib that contains all the time vector I need?

If so, do I have to make any special adjustments to UNGRIB?
I believe Ming's response was meant to include grib1 and grib2 data formats; however, it may be possible that you can use a single file if all times are in order. Many times when all data is in a single file, some of the data is out of order and ungrib is unable to handle this. You can always just test it to see.