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Upscaling Wrfout file for calculation of verification metrics


New member
My wrfout files are at 10km, 3.3km and 1.1km. My task is to verify the performance of the different domains with MSWEP gridded satellite data which is 0.1 degrees for different size areas. Therefore, I want to upscale (resample) all domains to the resolution of the MSWEP data. My wrfout files are in a Lambert Conformal projection.
The challenges are the differences in the coordinate systems and getting the data in the correct format to be resampled.
I have been able to reproject and resample in qgis (with gdal) but I would like to do in python since I am doing multiple runs. In python gdal and rasterio give problems with converting hdf to tiff because of the crs.

Do you have a suggestion for the best way to do this?
Thanks in advance!