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Upward longwave radiation at ground surface

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We are trying to analyze the energy budget in the WRF output fields, longwave radiation in particular. In the output fields, we see 'TOA outgoing longwave' (OLR) and downward LW term at ground level (GLW), both with the unit of W m-2. But we cannot find the upward LW at ground level. Does anyone know where to look for the term? Do we have to change the registry and recompile WRF to output it?

Somebody reminded me that ACLWUPB (ACCUMULATED UPWELLING LONGWAVE FLUX AT BOTTOM, units = J m-2) might be the one we are looking for. However, it has a different unit than OLR/GLW. If it could serve as the intermediate output for upward LW at the surface, than what kind of conversion to W m-2 we have to do? Any help is highly appreciated!

upward longwave radiation is not a state variable in WRF. If you need this variable, you can either derive it from other variables in wrfout, or include it in wrfout by modifying codes including Registry.

One watt per square meter (w.m2) is equal to one Joule/Second Square Meter (J/s•m²)