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S Ashok

New member
Hi, Sir,
We are using WRF V4.3.3 MODEL with WUADPT LCZ level 0 classification, the LCZ classification requested from the LCZ generator to classify the study region. Then we provided data into the using the python script. After that, all the steps follow the as same in normal wrf run (real was Successful run file with rsl.error.0000_real), but in ./wrf.exe getting the error as we submitted in "WRF_output_in_terminal", as well as all input and output files, submitted. please help us to proceed further analysis.

Thanks in advance


  • namelist_wps.txt
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  • namelist_input.txt
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  • rsl_error_0000_real.txt
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  • WRF_output_in_terminal.txt
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  • rsl_out_0000.txt
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  • rsl_error_0000.txt
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The issue is likely that you are are only using a single processor to run this case. Take a look at this FAQ that discusses choosing an appropriate number of processors, based on the size of your case.