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WRF-Chem simulation stopped without showing any error in the rsl.error* file


Hello everyone,
I was able to run real.exe successfully, and then I was also able to make the chemistry input files that are needed to run wrf.exe. Then I gave the following command:
mpirun -np 28 ./wrf.exe >& wrfrun.log &.
At first, the simulation went on for some time, but then it stopped without throwing any errors. I checked the rsl.error.0000 files, but there is no error. I am running WRF-Chem Version with 'chem_opt=202' on a server with 28 processors. The RAM of the server is 377.62 GB. My simulation period is 15 days. Is it a memory issue? Or anything else like some mistakes in 'namelist.input' file? I have gone through some previous questions online and someone suggested that 'chemdt' should be same as 'time_step'. So, I changed 'chemdt' to 1 (earlier it was 30) as time_step is 60 in my case. But that didn't work. Can anyone please guide me why it is happening and how to solve the issue? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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It is not clear from your rsl.error file what has caused the error. Please look at the other out/error files to see if a unique message was printed. First, you should also increase your debug_level in the namelist to 300 and try running again. You are using a very complicated chemical options so it may be a memory issue.