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WRF.exe Stopped Without Error


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Hello WRF community,

I'm encountering an issue with my WRF simulation, where the wrf.exe process terminates unexpectedly without generating any error messages in the rsl.error.0000 and rsl.out.0000 files, making it challenging to pinpoint the root cause.. I'm seeking your expertise and assistance in diagnosing and resolving this problem.
  • WRF Version: 4.5
  • gnu compiled
  • Input data: ERA5
  • used 8 processors, mem-per-cpu=16g

If anyone has encountered a similar problem or has insights into diagnosing silent failures of wrf.exe, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

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  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.0000
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  • rsl.out.0000
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Good evening,

There is probably 7 over rsl files that are created in the /run folder of the WRF folder.

If you open a terminal in that /run folder and try these commands you might be able to see where the error occured.

grep -i FATAL rsl.*

grep -i error rsl.*

grep -i SIGSEGV rsl.*

grep -i cfl rsl.*

Then you can upload those rsl files for review.

Hope that helps.
The error messages don't necessarily show in rsl.error.0000. Instead, they may appear in any RSL files. Please double check all your RSL files and hopefully you can find some helpful information.

Also, please make sure you have enough space to save wrfout and wrfrst files, etc.
@William.Hatheway, @Ming Chen, Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, none of them was found in the 16 rsl files. I ran with max_dom = 1 as well, but the same thing happened, stopped without any of them (FATAL, error, SIGSEGV, cfl) in the rsl files. Do you have any further suggestion?