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WRF-SCM bottom heat flux setting


New member
I am new to WRF-SCM and I am having some trivial questions about the Single Column Model.
I want to compare the simulation results of different boundary layer parameterization schemes using the WRF-SCM model. For this purpose I want to set a constant heat flux in the surface layer, but I don't know how to do so.
Can I set it by editing namelist or changing focing files like "GABLS_II_forcing.txt" ? Or I need to edit fortran codes of surface layer schemes, like Revised MM5 similarity theory or others? Are there any guides or lectures about WRF-SCM?
Thanks in advance.
SCM runs with LSM, SFCLAY and PBL activated. If you run SCM with different PBL schemes, you can compare PBL impacts directly.