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WRF with -DCLWRFGHG not showing GHG input at restart


New member
I'm running WRF 4.3.3 compiled with -DCLWRFGHG in configure.wrf (a long run that can not easily updated to the latest WRF version) and found that although the GHG input from file CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio is printed in rsl.error.0000 and rsl.out.0000 at the first start, it doesn't appear after stopping and restarting the same run from its restart files. Is this intended and the GHG input file is still read or am I missing anything? CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio is located in the run directory.
Hello, liess. Just adding the macro to configure.wrf then recompiling WRF? May I view and reference your configure.wrf? Thank you!
As for your question, if you chose the CAM parameterized scheme, the restart interval must be 6 hours. CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio is located in the run directory.
The GHG input from CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio will be read at the initial time of the model run. When restarting the run, the GHG will be interpolated based on the time saved in wrfrst. Please see the code phys/module_ra_clWRF_support.F for details.