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WRF without forecast files


New member
Hello, i'd like to learn if WRF can run without gfs forecast data to do a forecast (want to create fake met_em files or not create them all if possible). my problem is gfs most of the time don't give satisfying results in my research area. it is because of the wind speeds on the sea surface and models can not predict the time of events. what I want to do is nudge prior to the present time and want to do run wrf without forecasted gfs files for several hours in the future. wps create met_em files for a given time with gfs forecast data. is it possible to run wrf without forecasted data to not back-nudge to the model's data which are not satisfying after being nudged by real data?

-12h ---- nudging period ---- 0 h (present) ----- wrf run (a few hours) ---- forecast period ----- +18 h

I can give -12h, -6h, and 0h gfs forecast data into wrf but do not want to add additional model data to run wrf and want to produce forecast data without any additional gfs data. I believe the forecasted data with an unsatisfying model run will nudge towards the model outputs back again and makes my forecast data unsatisfying after several hours.

Or any ideas that could cover my needs are welcome.

Thank you,
Rahan Öztürh, Phd student
WRF is a regional model, which requires lateral forcing as input to feed large scale information to the interior of the WRF domain. I don't think you can run WRF without lateral forcing and obtain realistic result.
If GFS is not good for your study domain, can you find other forecast products (e.g., forecast from ECMWF) to drive WRF?
I think ECMWF provides data for testing only, which is also and non-others are good enough for my area. So what I have to do is to sit and wait for a very-early-and-not-captured-by-any-models storm to come :)) Thank you.

Could you provide me an example of a nudging observation data table? I don't know where to look at.
ECMWF does provide forecast products, but these products are not free for public download. One has to pay for these data.
If ECMWF provides all variables required for WRF run, then these data surely can be used as forcing for WRF run.