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WRF4.3 Corine WPS MMINLU Error


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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to switch my landuse from Modis to Corine and having this error "ERROR: MMINLU values differ among input fields. Based on reading LANDUSEF using entry 3 from GEOGRID.TBL mminlu = MODIFIED_IGBP_MODIS_NOAH but a previous GEOGRID.TBL entry resulted in mminlu being set to (or defaulting to) USGS."

Has anyone faced/solved this before? you can find my GEOGRID.TBL and namelist.wps below

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Best regards,


  • GEOGRID.txt
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  • namelist_wps.txt
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Hi Basak,
Apologies for the delay in response to your inquiry. Can you let me know if this is still a problem for you? If you have resolved it, do you mind updating with how you got past the issue? Thanks!
No worries, I solved the problem. Here is the Geogrid.txt I prepared which works perfectly fine. I hope this helps!


  • GEOGRID.txt
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