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WRF4.3 diags the values were missing on land


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I'm attempting to use &diags output the wind, temperature, dew point temperature at 50m,100m and 110m, but in the output filed the TD_ZL, T_ZL, U_ZL, V_ZL were -999 on land, the variation trend of the values were normal on the sea. I'm not quite sure now how to go about fixing the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and guidance!

The set in the namelist.input as follow:

io_form_auxhist22 = 2,
auxhist22_interval = 60, 60,
frames_per_auxhist22 = 1000, 1000,
auxhist22_outname = "ZLEVS_d<domain>_<date>"
z_lev_diags = 1
num_z_levels = 3
z_levels = 50,100,110


  • TD_ZL_in_ZLEVS_d01_2022-08-15_00_00_00.png
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  • U_ZL_in_ZLEVS_d01_2022-08-15_00_00_00.png
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  • V_ZL_in_ZLEVS_d01_2022-08-15_00_00_00.png
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The code that calculates these values (phys/module_diag_zld.F) finds the eta levels that surround the point, on half-levels. An if statement then governs whether the value gets calculated, based on whether the z_level you requested is within the half levels above and below it. If not, there will be no value given, hence the -999 you see. Areas near the coast are more prone to this behavior. I assume the images you sent are only showing the values for z_level = 50? Do you get values for 100 and 110? If you want to calculate the values at that height above the ground, instead of above mean sea level, you can make the z_levels values negative. This should ensure that you get a value there, although that may not be what you're going for.