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WRFout nc file variables details

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New member
I have run one model and got wrfout nc file.
Now in wrfout nc file, there are many the details of many variables attributes it is showing- MemoryOrder= 'z'
MemoryOrder='XY' , FieldType='104'
Can anyone explain me what are these?
This post has been moved to the wrf.exe section of the forum, as it makes more sense here. Someone will respond to your inquiry soon.
Memory oder Refers to the order the data is saved.
"Z" means this variable is 1D array from bottom to top.
"XY" means a variable of 2D array in horizontal direction of east-west and south-north
FieldType is an integer variable, with different values representing different data type, e.g., REAL, INTEGER, LOGIC, etc.