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Building a container to compile WRF


New member
We have been working on installing the required software for WRF on our system for the past few months without success. We would like to run WRF with Intel compilers, as we have seen that Intel compilers reduce run times. We have been using the WRF User Guide and several other online resources (including the WRF Support Forum) but have not been able to compile WRF successfully.

The problem seems to be that NetCDF does not build properly with our Intel compilers. It installs but does not pass the "make check" or some of the tests in the compilation tutorial (Test 1). We have been working with our institutional research computing center to see if we can identify and resolve the issue, and one option they are considering is compiling WRF in a container to ensure that other parts of our system are not interacting with our build.

We understand that WRF help teams are not able to provide assistance with building libraries. However, our systems administrator would find it helpful if you could provide any information on which versions of Intel and NetCDF you have been able to compile WRF with, the operating system, and any other information that might help them to build a container or otherwise help us get the libraries built correctly.
A couple of combinations that have worked on our NCAR HPCs are:

1) Intel version 19.1.1 and netcdf version 4.8.1
2) Intel version 2021.8.0 and netcdf version 4.9.2