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ERA5 ensemble: InputData for ungrib

Jiwon Lee

New member

I want to use ERA5 ensemble members for I.C and B.C.

I downloaded surface and pressure data from "Copernicus Climate Data Store |,"
but there are 10 ensemble members in a single file.
I tried using "cdo splitsel,1 ERA5-pl_membsers-20210831-20210831.grib ERA5-pl_membsers-20210831-20210831_" to create separate files for each member,
but I failed to split the files into individual members, and ungrib.exe does not run.

What method should I use to perform ungrib using ERA5 ensemble members?

ERA5 ensemble member data is stored here.

Please help me."

Ming Chen

Staff member
Unfortunately We don't have many experiences splitting GRIB file using CDO.
If you are familiar with NCL or Python, probably you can read the data first, then write the data to intermediate format that can be processed by metgrid. In this way you can skip running ungrib.