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Hill2d - idealized case


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Hi, I am in need of help urgently. I am stuck at this point trying to modify the hill2d test case, my main goal is to have this test case contain some attributes of snow. that is to make the mountain snow, so far I haven't been able to achieve that since I don't know which Microphysics modification options would work and also how to go about it.

I would really appreciate it if I can get any help as soon as I can.

Attached is a copy of my modified namelist.input.
I have the WRF 4.3.3


  • namelist.png
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This is an ideal case that is not designed to reasonably simulate microphysics process.
If you want to simulate snow, I would suggest you run real-data cases. You need to compile em_real, and produce initial and boundary conditions for your case. Please take a look at the WRF user guide: