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how to output energy consumption and carbon emissions from BEM


New member
I understand that it is possible to output carbon emissions, energy consumption (including electricity, gas, water, etc.) from the WRF BEM result, like set up the parameters of bldg_physics, but I cannot set the output parameters in namelist.input and correctly run real.exe. Is it because using BEM should compile WRF differently from the default or something else?
Would you please clarify what variables you want from BEM? What is bldg_physics?
Thx for answering. I learned that BEM can output the air temperature / relative humidity indoor and outdoor, and also can output the energy consumption and carbon emission. However, I can't find the correct way to output these variables. Are these variables available in the wrfout? Or should I calculate them by myself according to the wrfout?
bldg_physics is the variable chatGPT gave me, it said it represents the energy consumption setting, haha. But I can't find it in WRF official website.