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How to update SST in WPS?


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Hi, I'm a student who just started learning the WRF model.

I want to run the model using era5 data and OISST data. First, I downloaded the OISST data and made it into an SST.grb file with the same process as the attached picture. After that, I tried to run unrib.exe and metgrid.exe after link and Vtable, but it failed.

I referred to the SST Example from our WRF Online Tutorial, which only shows a single domain case. Do the two domains use different methods? Or do I know the wrong way?
I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to update SST.


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There is not a different method for multiple domains. Can you attach the metgrid.log file and your namelist.wps file, so we can see the error message? Can you also verify whether the SST.grb file is readable - you can use the g1print/g2print.exe program that can be found in the WPS/util directory to make sure.
Thank you for your reply.
I attached a picture of the results of checking the SST.grb file using the g1print/g2print.exe program. Also, I attached the namelist.wps and ungrib.log.
I ran geogrid.exe and ungrib.exe using ERA5 data and there was no problem. After that, Vtable was changed to SST, OISST data was linked, and unrib was executed. The time of the PFILE created at this time is different from the time of the FILE. I think the time of the SST file is the problem. Did I miss anything when I made the SST file? I would appreciate your reply.


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Your g1print.png screenshot shows that the SST file is dated from 1978, and your namelist is looking for a 2023 file. That is why you're getting the ungrib error.