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I took a 5 days gfs data, when I run the ungrib.exe I got a error

Ananthan R

New member
good evening everyone

*** Starting program ungrib.exe ***
INTERVAL must fit evenly between start time and end time:
Start time: 2022-12-06_00:00:00
End time: 2022-12-10_18:00:00
INTERVAL : 432000 seconds, 120.000000 hours
ERROR: Change your namelist, and resubmit

pls help me



  • namelist.wps.wps
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wrf_core = 'ARW',
max_dom = 1,
start_date = '2022-12-06_00:00:00'
end_date = '2022-12-10_18:00:00'
interval_seconds = 432000
io_form_geogrid = 2,

interval_secondsThe temporal interval in which the input data are available (in seconds). If the data are available every 3 hours, this should be set to 10800, for example.

It's best to use the highest time frequency data available.
@Ananthan R
The error is stating that the interval you're using for "interval_seconds" must fit evenly between your start and end times. You have this set to 432000, which is every 120 hours. I assume your input data are available much more often than that - probably more like every 3 or 6 hours? If so, you need to set interval_seconds to match that. For e.g., if the data are available every 3 hours, set interval_seconds=10800. Your simulation is set to a total of 114 hours, which can be evenly divided by 3 hours.