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Modifying the registry to output specific variables


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Dear community,
I am using WRFv3.5.1 (for specific reasons). I'm trying to output terms like re_cloud and qc_diabatic, and for that I did some modifications to the Registry.EM_COMMON.
After re-compiling, the variables are present in the wrfouts but however, the arrays only consist of zeros at all the time steps. I'm pretty positive that these variables will have non-zero values for case I am running. Any suggestions on where I am doing wrong will be helpful.


  • namelist.input
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  • myvar_d01.txt
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  • Registry.EM_COMMON.txt
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I added this line
1) state real qc_diabatic ikj misc 1 - rhdu "qc_diabatic" "MICROPHYSICS QC TENDENCY"
and added a state variable (re_cloud) here
2) package wsm6scheme mp_physics==6 - moist:qv,qc,qr,qi,qs,qg;state:re_cloud

And no I have not touched any other codes