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New member
Hi all,
I am very new to WRF. I am trying to simulate an idealized LES case similar to the test case in WRF. When I observe data for PBLH, I see all 0s. Does WRF-LES calculate PBHL? Do I need to modify anything in the namelist.input to get this done? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

PBLH is a diagnostic variable in various PBL schemes. For LES, this variable is not available.
Hi Ming,

Thanks a lot for your reply. What would be the best strategy to calculate the planetary boundary layer height in the case of WRF-LES. I am currently running the test case available for LES and trying to compare the statistics with available data to see whether my simulation makes sense. It is required to find planetary boundary layer height to compute the convective velocity scale for normalizing statistics.

Hi, Suranga
The easiest way is to find the first level that is 1 degree warmer than the lowest level and take that height.
Interpolating between levels to get that height more exactly can also be done for a smoother result.