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Running geogrid with the WPS V4 Geographical Static Data


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Hello everyone. I 've been working with the WRF/Chem model v3.9.1 for many years and I recentrly moved to version 4.4. I have some issues though when trying to run geogrid. I have downloaded the 4th version of the Geographical Static Data and I using ln -f geogrid/GEOGRID.TBL.ARW_CHEM geogrid/GEOGRID.TBL to create the link. When trying to run geogrid though I am getting the following error:

Parsed 49 entries in GEOGRID.TBL
forrtl: severe (66): output statement overflows record, unit -5, file Internal Formatted Write
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source
geogrid.exe        000000000056478B  for__io_return        Unknown  Unknown
geogrid.exe        00000000005AD91F  for_write_int_fmt     Unknown  Unknown
geogrid.exe        00000000005ABE11  for_write_int_fmt     Unknown  Unknown
geogrid.exe        000000000049A20E  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
geogrid.exe        000000000040F2FA  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
geogrid.exe        000000000040DC52  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown       00002B3B9B527555  __libc_start_main     Unknown  Unknown
geogrid.exe        000000000040DB69  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

The executable works fine though when I use the old GEOGRID.TBL.ARW_CHEM (from version 3 of the model) with the old Geographical Static Data.
Is anyone facing similar issues?

Thank you,
Hello and thank you very much for replying. You can see my namelist.wps below:

 wrf_core = 'ARW',
 max_dom = 3,
 interval_seconds = 10800

 parent_id         = 1,     1,      2,
 parent_grid_ratio = 1,     5,      5,
 i_parent_start    = 1,     82,     46,
 j_parent_start    = 1,     39,     67,
 e_we              = 155,   111,    116,
 e_sn              = 105,   111,    86,
 geog_data_res     = 'default', 'default',  'default',
 dx = 50000,
 dy = 50000,
 map_proj =  'lambert',
 ref_lat   = 35.072,
 ref_lon   = 24.957,
 truelat1  = 35.072,
 truelat2  = 35.072,
 stand_lon = 24.957,
 geog_data_path = '/nvme/h/ggeorgiou/data_p018/WRF/operational_WRF-Chem/input_data/WRF_TERRESTRIAL_GEOGRID_DATA/geog_v4/',

 out_format = 'WPS',
 prefix = 'FILE',

 fg_name = 'FILE',
Thanks for sending that. I tested this with your namelist, WPSV4.4, the current static data, and with the GEOGRID.TBL.ARW_CHEM and it runs without any problems.

1)Have you tried to test this with the standard GEOGRID.TBL.ARW table? I'm just curious if your issue is actually related to the chemistry table, or if it could just be your geogrid program, in general.
2) Are you trying to run this in parallel mode, and if so, how many processors are you using?

You could also try to simply reinstall WPS. It sounds ridiculous, but we've seen issues resolved with a reinstall. If you do this, I would recommend creating a new directory with a clean version of WPS (you can keep the original in a separate directory, in case you need it).