SIGSEGV error related to emissions?


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Hi everyone!
I was running WRF-Chem3.9.1 with KPP, reinitialized the meteorology every 24 hours but with chemistry field from previous time step when doing re-initialization. After running several days, a SIGSEGV occurred (see all_rsl.error.txt attached). Since I found in the error log file there is warning message like "temperature too high at i=168 ,j=149 ;resetting to 315K" before the simulation stopped, I did several tests:
1) a test simulation with biogenic emission turned off, but it still failed with similar error (see no_bioemiss_rsl.error.txt);
2) a test simulation with all emissions turned off, but it still failed with similar error (see no_emiss_rsl.error.txt);
3) a test simulation without chemistry (using WRF only version code), and it ran successfully.

So I could only narrow down that some issues occurred with chemistry part, but I don't have any clue to further identify the issue. I hope you guys would help me and i appreciate it a lot.
Also attached is the namelist.input. I am using MEGAN for biogenic emissions and anthropogenic emssions are based on NEI.


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