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Tables in WRF/test/em_real


New member
I am trying to understand how the tables in WRF are used (The tables located in em_real, such as LANDUSE.TBL and URBPARM.TBL). Under what circumstances does WRF use these tables (what settings need to be turned on)? Where in the flow of WRF are the tables used? Is there documentation for the use of these tables?

Any information/resources about the use of these tables is helpful!
There are various TBL files in the running directory. Various WRF physics schemes need to read data form these TBL files. For example. in phys/module_physics_init.F, "LANDUSE.TBL' is read into the model to obtain values of various land variables. These information will later be used in land surface scheme. URBPARM.TBL provides values of some parameters that are used in urban schemes.
Unfortunately there is document that includes information of all the TBL files. You have to find them in various publications. Most of the TBL information related to land surface scheme can be found at: Land Atmosphere Interactions | Research Applications Laboratory