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Variable 'SST' in the wrfout is strange


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Dear all
I use ncview to check my wrfout, and variable 'SST' is very strange, I think something wrong I didn't realize happened. Here is the image of 'SST'. The datasets I use is
GHRSST Level 4 GAMSSA_28km Global Foundation Sea Surface Temperature Analysis v1.0 dataset (GDS2), and I use this tool to create SST intermediate file:GitHub - bbrashers/WPS-ghrsst-to-intermediate: Converts JPL PODAAC GHRSST netCDF files to WPS Intermediate version 5 files and GitHub - bbrashers/WPS-interp-intermediate: Interpolate in time (not in space) between two WPS Intermediate version 5 files. I also attach namelist.input and a zip file containing part of my SST intermediate files. Please help me find out what cause this.


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Are you concerned because of the "blockiness" of the SST variable in the image? It's likely due to masking. Take a look at this previous post that discusses this and see if it's helpful.