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WRF output variables


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Looking to see if there are WRF namelist options that need to be enabled to have certain exports in the wrfout file.

I am looking for these times of values:

1.) are there any icing or turbulence options at different altitudes from that model?
2.) are there any surface visibility forecast options from this model?
3.) are there any omega forecast options at different altitudes (850, 700, 500mb) from this model?
I'm not sure if you can get that via WRF (excluding the Air Force Weather Agency diagnostics) itself but,

1/2) The Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA) has a turbulence, icing, and visibility option if your WRF version possesses the subroutines: WRF/Registry/registry.afwa at master · wrf-model/WRF

It doesn't look like they have anything available at different altitudes though.

To obtain the output from *wrfout* files, add the following at the bottom of namelist.input (assuming you have 3 domains and don't want output for the parent domain) :
afwa_turb_opt = 0, 1, 1,
afwa_icing_opt = 0, 1,1
afwa_vis_opt = 0, 1, 1,

3) You may be able to get icing/turbulence output at different altitudes utilizing the Unified Post Processor (UPP): GitHub - NOAA-EMC/UPP...

You can definitely get omega at different isobaric surfaces and visibility from UPP.