WRF running very slow after new compile


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Hello all,

I recently had to recompile WRF because the HPC environment I run WRF on had its OS updated which caused many files WRF depended on to be updated and renamed. I created a thread on this issue and it can be found here..

While I was able to successfully recompile and run WRF, it now runs very slowly and all of the files have the same size. I've attached my namelist.input, namelist.wps, and a bash script I use to run wrf.exe that selects the number of processors used to run WRF. You'll see in the namelist.input I set the history_interval_h to 6 because of slowly WRF runs (I normally have it set to history_interval = 30 for 30 minute output intervals). However, while WRF is still running, it seems that the history_interval_h does not work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Ming Chen

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Hi Michael,
Your namelist.input looks fine. I don't think the options in this file caused the slow-run issue.
Would you please clarify your meaning that 'history_interval_h" doesn't work?
If you set "history_interval = 360, 360," did you see the same slow-run issue?

How did you compile and run WRF? Specifically, what compiler did you use?


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Hi Ming,

When I set the history_interval_h to 6, the output would be created in 6-hour intervals, but WRF was still running slowly. I compiled WRF using a GCC compiler. I will say that I was able to get WRF running on another colleague's version of WRF in their directory without issue. You can close this as resolved. Thanks for your assistance!