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WRF-SCM Forcing with Reanalysis Data


New member
I am new to WRF-SCM and I am having a couple of trivial questions regarding the forcing input file in the Single Column Model. My first question is whether the forcing inputs can be provided from any readily available reanalysis datasets. If yes then how can the geostrophic components of horizontal wind be provided from the reanalysis datasets? It would be really helpful if someone can point me to some necessary and useful resources regarding my queries. Thanks in advance.
I am sorry to answer late but this is because we are busy with the WRF tutorial last week. I guess I have answered your question. But I will post the answer ere just in case more people have the same question.

For the single column case in WRF, the input data is a 'sounding-like' text file. We provide a NCL script to produce 'lateral forcing' data for the SCM case. You can find the related information in WRF/test/em_scm_xy.

We haven't tried to run SCM using reanalysis data as initial and lateral forcing. If you need to do so, probably you need to extract necessary variables from reanalysis data, put them to the vertical Z levels, create a 'single sounding' file similar to the one provided in WRF, then follow the normal procedures to run the SCM case. I expect that this should work, although I am not 100% sure. Please try and let us know if y