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WRF stopped when incorporating WUDAPT into uWRF-BEP


Dear WRF community,

When incorprating WUDAPT urban datasets into WRF/BEP model, a problem was encountered when ./wrf.exe.

The WRF source code (module_sf_urban.F,module_surface_driver.F,module_sf_noahdrv.F,module_sf_bep.F,module_sf_bep_bem.F) is adopted for 10 new urban classifications according to the guide "Urbanized WRF modelling using WUDAPT". Further, module_initialize_real.F is modified in case of "mismatch_landmask_ivgtyp Error". The compilation passed successfully.

However, after successfully geogriding and metgriding using WPS, I can run ./real to generate wrfinp* and wrfbdy*. But it stopped when running ./wrf.exe.

The description are also attached on (RESOLVED) incorporate WUDAPT into urban-WRF (ERROR: MMINLU values) Relative files (namelist*, rsl*) are packed as "Files_WUDAPT_BEP_Prolbem.tar" transferred in NextCloud. Source code modified were attached as "source_code_modification.tar". Would you mind having a look? THX.
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The nextcloud link is below but it seems that the files are no longer there. They may have gotten archived due to being uploaded 2 years ago: