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wrflowinp WRF size limit reached


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I am trying to create an input file for a long simulation (40 years) using ERA-5 dataset with updating SSTs. The problem is that wrflowinp file will have only 10000 time steps when I run real.exe and the file does not cover my entire simulation.

I tried changing the "auxinput4_end_h" namelist variable but that did not help. How do I resolve this?

Attaching my namelist for reference.

I am using WRF v4.3 with the time varying GHGs activated (-DCLWRFGHG).

Ashley Broadbent


  • namelist.input
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In this case you have to run with the 'restart' capability of WRF. You can create separate wrfbdy and wrflowinp files for the specific period of your integration. For example, you can run year by year and create wrfbdy and wrflowinp for each individual year.
Hi Ming Chen,

Thanks for the rapid reply and suggestion.

I understand that I can generate separate wrflowinp files for each year, but how do I link them together in a single 40-year simulation?

I don't want to run "real.exe" for each year - I want it to run through the full period.