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wrfoutReady files are not written when using IO Quilting


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It appears as though the wrfoutReady files are not written when running WRF version 4.4.0 and using IO quilting. Is this the expected behavior?

output_ready_flag = .true.,

nproc_x = 15,
nproc_y = 21,

nio_tasks_per_group = 5,
nio_groups = 1,

Thank you.
This option has not intentionally been taken out. Let me do some testing and get back to you. Can you also attach your full namelist.input file so I can take a look? Thanks!
Thank you for your response.

Here is my namelist.input file.


  • namelist.input.txt
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Hi, I've tested this and see the same thing you are seeing - no wrfoutReady files written with quilting, but it does work without quilting. Were you previously using an older version of WRF that DOES write them out when using quilting? I tested with V3.9 and they aren't written in that version either.
I haven't tested this in other versions. So, I don't know what version it stopped working, unfortunately.
Thank you for your patience with this. The last time the code worked properly was V3.8. For some reason now something in the code is resetting the "output_ready_flag" to .false., regardless of the namelist setting. I haven't been able to figure out where, but I do have a temporary solution that will allow you to get past this for the time being, and will not negatively impact your simulation. I'm attaching the module_io_quilt_old.F file, in which I've simply set output_ready_flag to .true. again. Please place this file in the frame/ directory and then recompile the code. You DO NOT need to clean the code, or reconfigure. Just simply recompile, and the compilation should be quick. After that, try running again and let me know if you're getting the wrfoutReady files after. Thanks!


  • module_io_quilt_old.F
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Great! Thanks for letting me know. We are still working to find a longer-term solution to put in the code. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.