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wrf compiling/installation

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    WRF Domain Wizard Alternatives

    Good morning, The WRF Domain Wizard is still recommended as a way to create namelist files for WRF and WPS and is hosted on the GSD website. WRF Domain Wizard But this software is VERY VERY old. Using Java 2.0 software which isn't even installed on standard windows machines anymore or even...
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    reading module 'esmf_timemod' at line 1671 column 33: Unexpected EOF

    Dear all, does anyone have met this problem while compiling WRF "reading module 'esmf_timemod' at line 1671 column 33: Unexpected EOF". I've tried every possible solution, but still cannot solve the problem. Any response will be appreciated.
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    Errors running REAL, but can't find in namelist

    Hi, I'm running WRFv4.4.1 Intel and dmpar. Classic netcdf without compression and no pnetcdf. WPS is v4.4 I have a fatal error while running REAL. I'm assuming <stdin> here is coming from the WRF namelist.output? If so, namelist.output is only 2023 lines in size. Where else is REAL taking...
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    Error whileComplie em_real

    I use this command to compile em_real on WRF 4.4 ./compile em_real 2>&1 | tee compile_wrf.log I got this message not running the WRF-Chem KPP coupler end of compile_wkc ========================================================= Neither WRF_EM_CORE nor WRF_PLUS_CORE are explicitly...
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    Error Compile WRF

    I'm new here and new to program compilation. I wanted help to identify the error that is giving in my compilation. I'm following this tutorial: Compiling WRF. I saw that people post these two files, but I can't find the error, or what is causing the error. I'm using the latest version of debian.
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    Errors in compiling WRF-Chem V3.9.1

    Hi everyone, When I tried to compile WRF-Chem with the .bashrc setting of WRF_CHEM=1, WRF_EM_CORE=1, WRF_KPP=1, WRF_NMM_CORE=0, the following errors were recorded in the compile.log file. Also, some other fatal errors occurred. The compile.log file and .bashrc file are attached. Could...
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    Compile Error in WRFV4.4 moving nest option

    Describe the bug When I compile WRFV4.4, same error is repeated. module_comm_dm_4.G:30:0: fatal error: No such file or directory To Reproduce nohup ./compile em_real &>compile.log
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    PNETCDF with NETCDF4 enabled?

    I am trying to build WRF with pnetcdf with NETCDF4 enabled. There is a flag called --with-netcdf4 but I am uncertain if pnetcdf needs to be built before or after NETCDF-C & NETCDF-fortran?
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    (Solved) Segmentation fault with tools/registry during compilation when new variables are added to Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON

    Hi WRF forum I am trying to compile WRF4.4 (with chemistry) with new variables added in Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON. But I get Segmentation fault from tools/registry during a compilation. New variables were already tested and used in WRF v3 without problem. Apparently the number of variables...
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    WRF v4.4 Compilation error: Can't find an intrinsic module named 'ieee_arithmetic'

    Hi all, I am trying to compile WRF v4.4 on my institute HPC but the compilation is failing to generate the executables. I am receiving the following warning during wrf compilation: ************************** W A R N I N G ************************************ There are some IEEE Fortran 2003...
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    Compiling Error When Setting Tracer Plume

    Hi, I met an error when I compile wrf with tracer plume. I modify several files, following [url=]these slides[/url=]...
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    WRF4.4 compilation failed on vortex following nesting

    I'm trying to build WRF 4.4 and have followed the instructions on All tests were good and the compilation worked well with basic nesting, bu terrors occured when I tried vortex following. Here are my configure and log files...
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    Error compiling WRF4.0 on ubuntu18.04

    I compiled WRF4.0 on ubuntu18.04 However, the following errors are reported f951: Fatal Error: Reading module ‘esmf_timemod’ at line 1633 column 3: Unexpected EOF compilation terminated. Makefile:56: recipe for target 'Meat.o' failed In fact, the same error will be reported when wrf3.8 I...
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    Missing references of netcdf-fortran ...

    Hello, on my Ubuntu I have all netcdf packages installed, nc-config confirms it has gfortran installed, but still missing references of netcdf-fortran origin. Maybe some wrong links generated by configure ? . . time mpif90 -w -ffree-form -ffree-line-length-none -fconvert=big-endian...
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    (RESOLVED) Problem Compiling WRFV4.0 on Fedora 28: landread error

    When I try to follow the instruction compiling the WRF on my Fedora 28 system, I had a problem compiling the WRF. The compliation process run, and run for about 20 minutes, but I just don't get the executables. I deleted everything and recompiled it once, and got the same error. I have attached...